Part I, Plastics


Ref. No.Parts No.Parts NameSpecificationQuantity
1A001Rear Fender 1
2A002Rear Cover, Left 1
3A003Rear Cover, Right 1
4A004Front Cover, Left 1
5A005Front Cover, Right 1
6A006Metal Plate 1
7A007Front FenderM6×121
8A008Chain Cover 1
9A009Seat 1
10A010Rubber Washer, Set, Hex 2
11A011Bolt 4
12A012Chest Protector 1

Part II, Front Wheel


Ref. No.Parts No.Parts NameSpecificationQuantity
1B001Right Handle 1
2B002Left Handle 1
3B003Switch Stop 1
4B004Handle Bar59cm long; Ф22mm; 1.5mm Thick1
5B005rear brake cable 1
6B006Left Handle Grip 1
7B007Right Handle Grip 1
8B008Front Brake Cable 1
9B009Bolt 4
10B010Bracket, Top Riser 2
11B011Bracket, Bottom Riser 2
12B012Bolt 2
13B013Screw 2
14B014Triple Tree, Top 1
15B015Triple Tree, Bottom 1
16B016Bolt 1
17B017bearing 6200 2
18B018inner sleeve Ф11XФ16X117.5mm1
19B019Washe,rinner sleeve Ф11XФ16X117.5mm3
20B020Screw 1
21B021Front Protection ︳ 2

23-01B023-01Front Fork tube+end, left 1
24-01B024-01 Front Fork tube+ end, right 1
25B025Front Protection, Left 1
26B026Scew 2
27B027Front Protection, Right 1
28B028Screw 2
29B029Front Brake 1
30B030Front Brake Bracket 1
31B031Nut 1
32B032Axle IФ12.2XФ16X6.5mm1
33B033Bearing I60011
34B034Axle IIФ12.2XФ16X76mm1
35B035Bearing II60011
36B036Axle IIIФ12.2XФ16X11.5mm1
37B037Front Axle 1
38B038Screw 3
39B039Front Disc Brake 1
40B040Front Rim 1
41B041Front Tyre 1
42B042Inner tube 1

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Part III, Frame


Ref. No.Parts No.Parts NameSpecificationQuantity
1C001Frame 1
2C002Fuel Tank Main Body w/ Cap 1
 C002-01Fuel Tank Cap 1
 C002-02Fuel Tank Main Body 1
 C002-03Screw, Front 1
 C002-04Screw, Rear 1
3C003Oil PipeI/OФ5/10mm Length Up7cm Down5cm1
4C004Filter 1
5C005Muffler 1
 C005-01Exhaust Main Body 1
 C005-02Exhaust Wahser 1
 C005-03Exhaust Front Bolt(M6x20)Front M6x202
 C005-04Exhaust MufflerBolt(M8x1.25)Tail M8x1.251
 C005-05Exhaust Cover Bolt(M6x16)Middle M6x162
26C026Muffler Tail 1
6C006Muffler Cover 1
7C007Double Rubber mMatM6x162
8C008ignition key for PAD50-1,PAD50-3 1
10C010Rear Shock 1
11C011Bolts2 Pairs2
12C012tension spring 1
13C013Kick Stand 1
14C014Foot Rest, Left 1
15C015Foot Rest, Right 1
16C016left springOuterФ14 InnerФ18 7.5Thick1
17C017right springOuterФ14 InnerФ18 7.5Thick1
18C018pinM8×40 Ф32
19C019cotter pinФ3×302
20C020Engine Bracket 1
21C021Screw II 1
22C022Screw I 1
23C023Screw, Top 1
24C024Nut, Top 1

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Part IV, Rear Wheel


Ref. No.Parts No.Parts NameSpecificationQuantity
1D001Swing Arm 1
2D002Nut 1
3D003Bolt 1
4D004Chain Adjuster I 1
5D005Chain Adjuster II 1
6D006ChainT8F, 134teeth1
7D007Rear Tyre 1
8D008Inner tube 1
9D009Rear Rim 1
10D010Big Sprocket 1
11D011Screw 3
12D012Rear Bdisc Brake 1
13D013Screw 3
14D014Braket 1
15D015Nut 1
16D016Screw 1
17D017Rear Brake 1
18D018Screw 2
19D019Bolt 1
20D020Axle 1Ф12.2XФ16X12mm1
22D022Axle 2Ф12.2XФ16X80.5mm1
23D023Bearing 260011
24D024Axle 5Ф12.2XФ16X8mm1
25D025Nut 1

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Part V, Engine


Ref. No.Parts No.Parts NameSpecificationQuantity
1ECOMPLETEComplete EngineAll parts of Part 5 in this list1
A1E00A1Speed Boxfor PAD50-11
A2E00A2Speed Boxfor PAD50-21
A3E00A3Speed Boxfor PAD50-31
1E001Bolt 1M6x652
2E002Bolt 2M6x352
4E004chain wheel 1
5E005circlip 1
38E038Speed Box Plate 1
40E040Speed Box Main Body 1
BE00Breduce box 1
3E003Inner Hexagon bolt reduce boxM6x204
41E041reduce box 1
6E006Air Filter 1
7E007Aie Filter Tie-In 1
8E008air filter bolt 2
9E009Carburetor 1
 E009-01Carburetor Main Body 1
 E009-02Carburetor Switch 1
11E011Carburetor heating pad 1
12E012Carburetor paper pad 2
13E013intake valve 1
14E014Inner Hexagon combination boltsM5x204
15E015paper pad for Reed valves 1
16E016cardboard 1
17E017grease seal 2
18E018Clutch 1
19E019Flange boltsM6x162
20E020Driven Gear/Magnetic flywheel 1
21E021cardboard pad 1
26E026Semicircle bond 1
22E022Pull Start 1
 E022-01Pull Start Main Body 1
23E023bolts 3
 E023-01Inner Hexagon boltsM5x551
 E023-02Inner Hexagon boltsM5x252
24E024Cylinder paper pad 1
25E025crankshaft 1
27E027rolling needle 1
28E028Piston pin 1
29E029Piston 1
30E030Circlip for Piston pin 2
31E031Piston ring 2
32E032Cylinder block 1
33E033Inner Hexagon combination boltsM6x204
34E034Spark PlugL7TC1
35E035Ignition Coil 1
36E036Screw 2
37E037Throttle Cable70cm+11.5cm1

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General Parts


Parts No.Parts NameSpecificationQuantity
PG_001Hexagon Socket Head Cap ScrewM5×122
PG_002Hexagon Socket Head Cap ScrewM6×121
PG_003Hexagon Socket Head Cap ScrewM6×1614
PG_004Hexagon Socket Head Cap ScrewM6×202
PG_005Hexagon Socket Head Cap ScrewM6×254
PG_006Hexagon Socket Head Cap ScrewM8×256
PG_007Flat WasherФ6×12×1.5
PG_008Flat WasherФ6×18×1.52
PG_009Flat WasherФ10×28×1.51
PG_010Flat WasherФ10×24×1.51
PG_011Flat WasherФ8×22×1.52
PG_012Flat WasherФ10×22×1.52
PG_013Split WasherФ6×10×2.09
PG_014Split WasherФ52
PG_015Hexagon ScrewM10×1501
PG_016Hexagon ScrewM10×302
PG_017Flange BoltM8×201
PG_018Flange BoltM10×1651
PG_019Flange BoltM12×1451
PG_020Flange BoltM12×1701
PG_021Lock NutM61
PG_022Lock NutM10×1.52
PG_023NutM6,Thickness 52
PG_024Flange NutM63
PG_025Lock NutM62
PG_026Lock NutM81
PG_027Lock NutM102
PG_028Lock NutM122
PG_029Hexagon Socket Head Truss Head BoltM6×105
PG_030Hexagon Socket Head Truss Head BoltM6×162
PG_031Hexagon Socket Head Truss Head BoltM6×202
PG_032Hexagon Socket Head Truss Head BoltM6×252
PG_033Hexagon Socket Head Flat Head BoltM6×162
PG_034Hexagon Socket Head Flat Head BoltM6×252
PG_035Slotted ScrewM4×66
PG_036Slotted ScrewM4×128
PG_037Slotted ScrewM5×121
PG_038Phillips Flat Head ScrewM5×82
PG_039Phillips Flat Head ScrewM5×102

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