1 Remove the pull starter

---Remove the pull starter housing (3, 4mm allen head screws)

---Disconnect ignition coil wire. 

*When the flywheel bolt is loosened it may cause the engine to turn over and  accidentally start if the wire is not disconnected.  

2 Remove the flywheel

---Use a hair dryer to melt the glue on the screw before remove the flywheel mounting bolt (14mm bolt)

---Tap the flywheel with a rubber hammer to loosen it from the crankshaft

---Remove flywheel

3 Mount the new flywheel

---Install new flywheel (line the slot up with the woodruff key on the crankshaft)

if the woodruff key came out on removal replace it 

torque crank shaft nut to 28nm or 21 ft/lbs 

4 Assemble the pull starter

---Re-install ignition coil and plug ignition coil wires back in.

---The distance between flywheel and ignition coil is 0.3~0.5mm or it will result in a failed start

---Re-install the pull start housing slightly pull the pull start handle to align it then install three allen head screws

---Start bike to verify everything works. Go ride!

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